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Google takes online ratings and reviews so seriously that they now combine online reviews with search results. Repsonic makes it easy to manage & enhance.

Reputation is Now more Important than ever for your Business and if you don't take control of it now it could have a much greater impact than you think.

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As a smart business owner, you already know why you need to have fresh new positive customer reviews coming in on a regular basis, but probably wonder how you can actually make that happen. Repsonic Can Help!


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As a smart business owner, you already know why you need to have fresh new positive customer reviews coming in on a regular basis, but probably wonder how you can actually make that happen. It makes sense that a five star rating is more attractive than a four star rating, and that four stars are more attractive than three stars, and so on. And this has a huge impact on your business, and more importantly your Bottom Line.

Our Core Services Enhance, Protect, & Manage your Online Presence

 Across the Webs Most Creditable Websites.  These sites Have High "PR" or "Page Rank" with Google & will help to increase your businesses overall ranking in the Search Engines Helping you to Drive more Traffic to your Business.

What are Citations & Why they are Mandatory?

Citations are listings, or mentions, of your website on other web pages – they act somewhat like links for “Local” SEO. However, a citation may or may not actually link back to your website, and unlike a good backlink, acquiring them is typically in your control through a registration process.
The more places that your business is “cited”, the easier it is for the Search Engines to find your business, and the more confidence they have in listing it on the search engine results pages.

We Hand Submit Each Citation

Each Listing is Completed Manually and With Care. We visit each site individually and create optimized listings. Many services submit information to a handful of sites and wait for data to be scraped by other sites, creating incomplete automated listings they spent no time on.
-Many of the sites we create listings on do provide data to others so chances are you will get other listings in the following months in addition to the 50 manually created by us

See The Rules for Citations

1. Make sure that your information (Business name, address, and phone number – NAP) is listed consistently across the web.

2. If possible, include your address on every web page. I’ve found that the footer can be a good place for this.

3. Use a local phone number rather than a toll free number.

4. Many companies use Auto submission tools or "BOTs" Our are Hand Submitted by real humans and all logins and reports are provided to you should you ever want to change or Update any of you business's Information.


Our 5 STEP Process Ensures that your Business has Consistent & Maximum Exposure....

Repsonic's 5 Step Program Ensures Consistency & Maximum Positive Exposure Across the Web

Step 1

Verification of the supplied information

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We begin by verifying that the client’s information is correct and complete. If any inconsistencies are found, between the client supplied information and what is currently listed online, we immediately contact the client for further verification. It is essential that all listings contain the same information as complete and comprehensive listings improve Local rankings.

Step 2

Check for existing Local Directory Citations

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As we are building your Local Directory Citations, we check each individual directory to ensure that there is not an existing listing prior to entering any information. If an existing listing is found, we look for any NAP inconsistencies and make any necessary corrections. This manual discovery of pre-existing listings eliminates duplicate listings.

Step 3

Optimize Pictures & Create Social Media Profiles

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If provided, we optimize your company’s logo and pictures. If you don’t already have social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel, we Can create them for you for an additional fee.

Step 4

Citations Building!

We don't use software to generate Business Directory Listings. All citation building is done manually. This process allows us to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Business Directory Listing's that are complete and comprehensive have higher Local ranking. See More info to learn what citations are, & Why They are so IMPORTANT

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So, what exactly is a citation? A citation or Business Directory Listing is a reference to your local business. This reference includes all of your business details such as name, address, phone, description, website, keywords, hours of operations, payment methods, logo and images with links to your website that results in higher search engine rankings locally. You don’t have to understand complicated algorithms or how search engines rank pages. will do all of the work for you.

Search engines, such as Google, love Business Directory Listing well most of them anyways. The credibility of a citations source is directly related to how favorable a citation is to Google. Citations that come from less than reputable sources can have a negative impact on how Google ranks a business. However, citations that come from reputable sources verify the reliability that the business does exist and therefore they have a positive impact on how Google ranks a business in a local search. The more credible citations a business has the higher the business will rank in a local search.

Credible citations can come from many different places. While the quickest way to get many high quality citations is to hire a local business listings submissions service to enter your business’ information to online business directories, there are ways that you can create high quality citations yourself.

First, you should create a Google Places listing for your business. This is a great example of an online business directory submission. Your Business Directory Listing on Google is what will be seen in Local search results. A further benefit is that Google tends to favor those business that have a local profile over those who do not. Yahoo Local and Bing Local are another two good Local listing profiles that you should have for your business. Like Google, both Yahoo and Bing offer specific Local searches.

Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau? If so, look at their website and ensure that your business information is displayed correctly. If it isn’t, take the time required to contact them and have it corrected. Why? Google, like other search engines, loves the credibility of such websites. If your business is a member then it has to be legitimate.

Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great sources of citations as well. Having your own page and being shared increases your credible citations.

Good citations may just happen, but great credible citations- those that the search engines are looking for when ranking your business- are the result of organization and planning.

Step 5

Send you a report

Once we have completed the citation building process, we will send you a detailed report. The report will contain a list of all the URLs to all of the listings we created, the status of each listing (approved, pending, already listed), your username and password for each site, and any additional comments. The reports are available in both Excel or PDF formats.

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What Does Google Think About Ratings?...

Google takes online ratings and reviews so seriously that they now combine online reviews with search results.

Repsonic's System Automates the Process...

Our automated follow up and marketing system provides a simple yet powerful solution to generate customer feedback, and turn that into fresh positive reviews being posted online.  Repsonic Leverages the Power of the Software to take out the hard work.


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Why Citations are so Important

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